Trying to whitelist expo updates url for sim provider but cant?

We have these sim cards that currently blacklist all websites (this is because we give out devices + sim cards and want to ensure data is only used for our app). We’ve added in expo updates, and im trying to find the right url to whitelist, but expo updates are not coming through!, are what i’ve tried but neither allow our app to check for updates with the sim.

Do you guys know what else i need to whitelist? thanks!

code for expo updates config suggests is the correct one but it is not working:

android:value=“[redacted]/[redacted]” />

Hi @hcarney

Just a guess, but also try I doubt would be needed.

I think the updates themselves come from an S3 bucket, though, so it might not be enough to whitelist the Expo domains.

I did add and today but that didn’t work either, do you know if I can whitelist all of s3/amazon? What would be the start of the domain for that? i suppose? Edit: whitelisting that didnt work :confused:

I’m struggling to get the manifest.

Something like this used to work:

curl -L -i \
    -H 'Exponent-SDK-Version: 35.0.0,36.0.0,34.0.0,33.0.0' \
    -H 'Exponent-Platform: android' \
    -H 'Exponent-Version: 2.14.0' \
    -H 'Accept: application/expo+json,application/json' \
    -H 'Expo-Api-Version: 1' \
    -H 'Expo-Client-Environment: EXPO_DEVICE' \
    -H 'Expo-Session: {"id":"aaabbbcc-1234-5678-9abc-dddeeefff000","version":1,"expires_at":1893456000000}' \
    -H 'Exponent-Accept-Signature: true' \
    -H 'Expo-JSON-Error: true' \
    -H 'User-Agent: okhttp/3.12.1' \

but if I try some variation on that now I get an error about the update not being available for that platform “android” and release channel “default” or something like that.

It looks like more modern headers are as follows:

But that didn’t work for me either.

If you can figure out how to make the request to get the manifest, you’ll see several URLs in there, in particular bundleUrl and URLs for splash screen and app icon.

Also, here are some more domains:

Maybe this stuff will help to figure out how to fetch the manifest:

Ah mate absolute life saver - this worked! In the end I whitelisted (on top of the ones previously posted)

Seems it was likely that the images werent coming through because they get stored in two separate domains…and it was failing expo updates

Thanks for your help!

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