Did expo block in Russia?

If there is any russian users, can you tell me, is expo.io works?
I checked throught TOR, from France connection to expo.io is availible.
exp publish doesn’t work too.


Additional info.

Russian government is blocking huge amount of amazon sub networks (while fighting with telegram), as well as those that serves js bundles and assets. Probably many other expo services (exp cli) are using aws :frowning:

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That is probably correct.

Expo will be affected by the Russia state censor since we use Amazon services.

We faced blocking of ip (can not send push notification to exp.host). So now without VPN we can not send pushes.

Maybe there is a mirror for exp.host?

i’m facing the same issue from Moscow.
I published app through vpn. But standalone clients without vpn are not getting updates.

Yes, can confirm there are problems with Expo from networks provided by Russian ISPs.

Users cannot register their notification tokens and save them on Expo’s servers

By recent reports already 19mln addresses are blocked, including lots from Google, AWS and Azure.

I wrote yesterday e-mail to hotline rkn.gov.ru and it seems that site expo.io unblocked… We need list of ip-address for push-notifications and after try to write on hotline again


Also expo xde can not login now

I’m from Russia. expo.io is unavailable :frowning: Can’t publish and update application…

I want to send unblock request to rkn.gov.ru hotline
How do i know Expo Production Js bundle ip address so i can attach it to request?

Hi everyone! Really sorry this slipped through the cracks on our end.

Currently our web servers, API servers, etc are all accessible through these two public IP addresses:

If you want to request your local government to whitelist these IP addresses that might be a short-term solution. We don’t have any plans to change these addresses, but we also can’t guarantee that they’ll stay the same forever, unfortunately. If you get them whitelisted, that should resolve any issues you would see with publishing apps or sending push notifications.

Things are more complicated for JS bundles and any binary assets that are uploaded to our CDN. Currently we store all production assets in AWS S3 and serve them over their CloudFront CDN. If you want to get access to those files unblocked, you’ll need to find a way for your local authorities to either whitelist a specific CloudFront domain/distribution (if that’s possible, we can tell you what CF distributions we have set up), or to whitelist the public IPs for CloudFront.

Let us know if we can provide any more information that might be helpful! Also please feel free to email support@expo.io directly if you need to discuss this issue with us in private.

It seems Roskomnadzor unblocked 3 mln of ip’s in Russia (https://www.rbc.ru/technology_and_media/28/04/2018/5ae471089a7947d447cbc915?from=main), so now Expo come back to Russia?

Successfully Expo unblocked in Russia, all tools works, includes push-notifications


Great to hear! Let us know if you experience any problems.

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