AirWatch App Id whitelist

We have a company trying to use our standalone app from Google Play that is using AirWatch to whitelist/blacklist apps. They have white-listed our App ID, and they are able to install the app, but when they try to run it they are getting an error message “all apps associated with this action have been turned off blocked or not installed”. Is there an Expo App ID that they need to whitelist as well?

Hi! I’m not too familiar with AirWatch or how it works – have you been able to talk to the makers of AirWatch to understand the error message?

There is a support ticket in to AirWatch, but the IT staff at the company using AirWatch stated this typically occurs when there is another app bundled into the app and they need to whitelist that Bundle Id as well.

I don’t believe we bundle another app with standalone apps but you could try host.exp.exponent (the Expo client application ID) and host.exp.expoview (the package name of the main Expo library).

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