The message "the app keeps stopping" is displayed continuous before build success.

I developed an application using ‘expo managed workflow’, and fallow this tutorial to build the .apk (Building APKs for Android emulators and devices - Expo Documentation).

I built the app one time, only, and i installed in my device Android, it runs without issues. When i try to build one more time, WITH THE SAME CODE or WITH A DIFFERENT CODE, the .apk build, install, but i can’t run it on no device.

In Android, the system displays a message “the app keeps stopping”. In another devices, any no messages is display, only the app display a black screen and close after.

But… When I created a new account in Expo, and tried to build the SAME code, the .apk is build, and I installed it without issues.

I began as a dev, but I thought that this issue could be caused by some cache issue on my ‘Expo’ account. It is possible?

If not, what could solve this?

Run the app in developer environment isn’t problem, all runs without problem.

I’ve been trying to solve this for about 2 months and I can’t.

I don’t speak or write English very well, my born language is Portuguese, if something was not well explained, just ask me.