Eas build, and apk can not open

Hello recently i build an expo app
When I run it on expo go it work when I build apk file it installed successfully on real device but can not be open and show this error
“app has stopped”

Hi zahirtanin,

If the app is crashing and giving you zero clues as to why, one long but practical way to see what’s happening under the hood is to check out the native android logs. Make sure your device is connected via usb and appears when you do adb devices.

Then run the following adb logcat > logs.txt and start your app. Run it a fixed amount of times, ex 3 times. Try to be as quick as possible bc every second there’s hundreds/thousands of lines of logs being written. Then kill the process and check out your logs.txt in your code editor.

You can try ctrl+f the name of your app, or keywords like failure, exit, error, etc What helps is now you know that the app opened and crashed 3 times, so if you find the crash code, it should appear in your logs.txt exactly 3 times. Then you can google the issue, it’ll at least give you some kind of clue. You can also stop the process as quickly as possible after the crash occurs, then you know it should be in the last few hundreds of lines of logs… Good luck