"Expo Go keeps stopping"

I am using expo managed workflow. Expo version 41.0.0 and using Expo Go for development. A few months ago everything worked just fine on Android and after focusing on iOS for awhile I’m trying to use Android again and I continue to get an error “Expo Go keeps stopping”. The Android Bundle completes successfully but the app never opens. It seems like it crashes before it can even start. The exact same behavior happens on a physical Android device as well as with several Emulators.
I’m developing on a MAC with VS Code.
I have tried uninstalling Expo Go and reinstalling on the physical device and Android Emulators. I even deleted and re-downloaded Android Studio.
Any ideas?? Thanks

Hey @tim-knapp, as you guessed, this is typically indicative of your app crashing. I would first try to reproduce this behavior with a brand new, freshly created project. If it doesn’t happen with the new project, I would recommend reading our Debugging docs and utilizing the approaches listed there to determine what’s causing your main project to crash.


Ok thanks. It works fine on iOS simulator and iOS devices. Are there any general tips or ideas of the differences between the two platforms in this kind of situation?
And it also works on Android after doing expo build:android and using .aab file to put on a physical device

The only thing i can think of is that your Expo Go App is behind on version with your expo SDK. But you also say you reinstalled it, that should fix it. Did you let expo-cli re-install it?

Another debug idea: Go back to a commit some months ago, and see if that works with expo go. If it does use git bisect to find the commit that makes your app fail. If you change Expo SDK versions between commits, you can delete the Expo Go App and let expo-cli install it for you.

I finally found out the issue. It was because of my splash screen. Once I set the different sizes for android splash screens in app.json it works now. Thanks for your help anyway! Here was my after getting new splash screen images from a UX designer solution:

  "expo": {
    "splash": {
      "image": "./src/assets/images/splash@4x.png",
      "resizeMode": "contain",
      "backgroundColor": "#ffffff"
    "android": {
      "splash": {
        "resizeMode": "cover",
        "mdpi": "./src/assets/images/splash.png",
        "hdpi": "./src/assets/images/splash@1.5x.png",
        "xhdpi": "./src/assets/images/splash@2x.png",
        "xxhdpi": "./src/assets/images/splash@3x.png",
        "xxxhdpi": "./src/assets/images/splash@4x.png",
        "backgroundColor": "#ffffff"

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