the custom expo client for ios takes forever to build

It’s been more than 24 hours since my custom expo client started to build, but still pending. any ideas why?


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can you try canceling the build and restarting and let me know if that helps?

Thanks for the prompt reply, I think once I submitted the request, there is no way for me to cancel it. I only got a link to a webpage at… like this

I’ve tried 5 times in the past two days and none of them has been successfully built.

We are having the same issue. We’ve done 4 builds in the past 24 hours and the build status stays “Your request has been submitted to be processed by our build systems”. We are on the Priority Plan, if that makes any difference.

Also tried making a new profile for the apple developer account by deleting the old one and letting expo re-config everything, but we had the same results.

I am having the exact same issue on the free ‘Community Plan’ - I can’t see the build on the build page and it hangs its been several hours now…How can we resolve this or is there an explanation as to why this is occurring?

@notbrent Any update on this issue?

hi there! i passed this on to the people who work on this part of the codebase. custom expo client builds are still a bit experimental so we occasionally have issues like this, sorry for the hassle.

Hi, there is an issue with updating build status, we identified the problem.

In a meantime hacky workaround if you want to build client is to

  • open page with with build request
  • open network tab in inspector and find requests to
  • one of the response should look like this
  • find buildJobId and go to

This is very temporary workaround, proper fix should be deployed soon

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Fix was deployed to production yesterday, it should work now.

Thanks for the update!

@wkozyra - Thnkx for this and the workaround.