Expo Build iOS: Build Waiting In Queue

I’ve started a build for an Expo app and it’s been waiting in the Queue for almost an hour.

Is it supposed to take this long?

Build ID is: https://expo.io/builds/fe6cb697-05cb-4e08-ae4e-f3b46709a286

I’m having the same problem: https://expo.io/builds/8c198da4-3528-43a5-9dd7-a542f9ec8134

Can’t cancel, button greyed out.

this is resolved now, notice that those two builds linked to are now complete :slight_smile: sorry for the hassle

Any ideas why it took so long? Is there a way to speed it up in the future?

we had to restart the build machines, there were some issues with configuration that we did over the weekend. normally you don’t have to wait more than a few minutes for a build to start.

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Quick Question, is there anyway to see what your build ID is after you’ve started the build process? Sometimes I run a build on one computer and forget what it is for another computer.

you can go to expo.io/builds and if you are signed in to the same account then you will see the build there along with other recent builds

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