Testing Notifications Push Receipts

Hi! We just set up notifications on our app, everything works great notification wise, but we have been unable to test the push receipts. My understanding is that if a user deletes the app or turns off notifications for that app expo will send us a DeviceNotRegistered error so that we stop sending notifications to that user. I am not able to get that behavior tested. I’m wondering if there is a way to reliably test that? My approach right now to testing has been:

  1. Sign into development version of our app and enable notifications
  2. Test that they come through (they do)
  3. Turn off notifications
  4. Trigger a notification and verify it doesn’t go to the phone (it doesn’t)
  5. Look for that push receipt status - so far I always get back ‘ok’ even though I would expect DeviceNotRegistered to be sent.

Thanks for the help!