DeviceNotRegistered in push receipt vs ticket

I see that DeviceNotRegistered can be returned both by the ticket or the receipt. What’s the difference?

Can I ignore one and only deal with the other? Meaning, will ALL DeviceNotRegistered errors in tickets also appear in receipts?

Or do I need to deal with it (unsubscribe) on both events?

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are you getting back the DeviceNotRegistered response and a ticket ID for the same push notification? I think the two are mutually exclusive

In the simple test I ran, yes, we got an object with status DeviceNotRegistered, and it also contained an id.
For me that’s a good thing, I’m hoping to ignore those and handle them exclusively in the push receipts.

Can you send an example ExponentPushToken that results in that sort of response?

I’m not getting back both the DeviceNotRegistered error and an ID

{"data":{"status":"error","message":"\"ExponentPushToken[kjsndfksjdf]\" is not a registered push notification recipient","details":{"error":"DeviceNotRegistered"}}}%

Hi, here is an example of an error DeviceNotRegistered that contains id:

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