takeSnapshotAsync() SDK 29 Error On Any Real Device

After Upgrade from SDK28 to SDL29 , stop working on detach app.
The promisse return an error:

[Error: Failed to snapshot view tag 205]

Detached App
SDK 29,
expokit: 1.4.0

To Reproduce

#Create Blanck App
$ exp detach

https://snack.expo.io/@i9xp/snapshot-test 1

The Problens

We have an App With 16k Users, 8K Active Users. Some user have starting to experiencing some several Bugs like:

Published App


Some help here? @adamjnav, @jesse

Hey @victorwads,

I created a github issue for this: https://github.com/expo/expo/issues/2109 and pinged internally about it. Sorry for the delay, hopefully we can get around to figuring it out soon but detached issues always adds a couple layers of complexity.



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