Detached app crashes on ImagePicker

Hey, Expo is awesome!

Getting a crash with detached app when trying to use ImagePicker. Seems like there is some issue with asking photo library/camera permission. Xcode shows: CRASHING_DUE_TO_PRIVACY_VIOLATION

Camera and PhotoLibrary work fine in Expo app. Tried on a clean project right after detaching - same issue. Any ideas?

Also, do you plan adding support for phone authentification with FB Account Kit? One of the reasons i had to detach is to use it (


Hi, what do the camera and photos usage descriptions look like under your detached project’s Info.plist?

Seems like I don’t have these items

Ah, sorry that wasn’t obvious. You’d need to add those keys for those APIs to work.

I can make it so we auto-configure those for you when you detach. I’ll make myself a task. Thanks for raising this!

Yep, added, works great. Thank you so much!

I am facing same problem…but my app is not detached. so dont have any plist file.
what can i do?

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hi Guys,

i am still facing a issue when I take the picture and press OK button the app get all mobiles like redmi note4 and moto g2. am trying to resolve from one day. am not able to solve this can u please help me thanks in advance

i update the version react-native-image-picker from 0.26.3 to 0.22.9. app getting like “unfortunately app has stopped” showing pop up like this.


“react-native”: “^0.42.3”,
“react-native-image-picker”: "0.22.9"
db is firebase

options are

var options = {
title: ‘Select Avatar’,
quality: 0.6,
storageOptions: {
skipBackup: true,
path: ‘images’

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