SDK 29 ImagePicker always fail

Hi! After upgrading to SDK 29, I can’t open ImagePicker anymore and the error always show “Missing CAMERA_ROLL” permission.

Here is my code:

After downgrading my code to SDK 28, it works fine. Please help!


I’m having the same problem. :confused:

I’ve worked up a minimum working example. You will have to run this on a device as the snack simulator doesn’t seem to work with SDK 29. This snack works fine in SDK 28 but with SDK 29 it fails every time even with permissions granted.

Clarification I’m only seeing this behavior on iOS.

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Hi guys, sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll track this bug in


Ssame problem. :sob:

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Hi @wagnercsfilho, an update to Expo Client has been released yesterday, could you please ensure you’re testing the behavior on the latest version of Expo Client?

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