Support for Voice Recognition


I want to add a microphone button to my app so that users can ask it questions, similar to Siri or Google Assistant. There’s no voice recognition support in Expo at the moment, unfortunately. If this something that’s in the works? If not, what do you recommend I do?


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Hey @qna-grace,

We use Canny to track what features our users want added to the SDK and our road map is influenced by people voicing their desire for features. I looked and there is an open feature request for Voice Recognition support here: Integration with native voice control | Voters | Expo so you should definitely upvote there.

In the mean time, if this is a blocker for you and you need to continue development, you have the option to detach your Expo project and start developing with ExpoKit. Doing so creates the ios and android directories that are needed to make native code configurations which would enable you to use a library such as this one:

Detaching does have certain ramifications so make sure you fully understand what it all entails by reading these docs:



Thanks Adam. I guess ExpoKit is in my future; I was hoping to avoid it.

No problem, Alvaro. Sorry I had to hit you with the news of detaching being necessary haha.

Our goal is to have as many projects as possible stay purely JS and avoid detaching, but as I’m sure you are aware there are tons and tons of APIs out there and we can only add so many at a time while maintaining a high level of stability.

Hopefully in the not-too-distant future you’ll be able to convert back to a standard Expo project and avoid all the craziness of native code configuration!

Wishin’ ya all the best with your project!

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