How do I create a native extension for expo for SpeechRecognition

Hey all, we have got far in our app development miredefamilia.

All happiness, we use most of the Expo framework extensions, including TextToSpeech and they work perfectly. Now, one of the key features for us requires SpeechRecognition, which is apparently not supported for exp at the moment.

I found evidence that this is still a feature request (issue and already upvoted it, but I’m sure it takes a while before it makes its way into the road map.

For us, it’s one of 2 options:

  1. We redevelop native android (and iPhone) to make our way into the Speech Recognition API or
  2. I develop an extension for EXPO that allows me in.

The latter may save me some time (and headaches), so I would like to go for it.

I tried to exp detach my application, but it broke the exp:// URL and (worse) started giving me all kinds of errors.

Could you guys please instruct me in the way of writing a react-native extension that works inside the EXPO KIT, so I don’t have to detach it?

Hi Hudson-

If you want to do this in the short term, you’ll need to detach and write your own native code. This process is a bit complicated, but it does work if you follow the instructions in the docs.

It’s good that you already posted on Github. We mostly track feature requests for additions to the API on Canny. Speech Recognition Module | Voters | Expo Feel free to comment on this feature request.

Good luck!