SiriKit support

It would be really cool if I didn’t have to detach to use SiriKit ( I’m guessing Google has a similar API for their voice assistant, so it would be very useful to have an abstraction layer built on top of both.

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Cool. We haven’t gotten too many requests for this so we probably won’t get to this right away but I don’t have any philosophical opposition to it.

What are you interested in doing with it?

I’m trying to use Siri to deep link into other apps. It’s kind of a hack, I’m going to pretend my app is a messaging app so I could tell Siri "tell Spotify to play using "and this would use the Spotify deep link functionality to play the song. Might not be approved by Apple but they can’t stop me from using the app just for my own benefit :slight_smile: I’m not yet sure how much value Expo will have in this app. I’m hoping it’ll let me update the deep link handlers without having to open Xcode after the initial setup.

Eventually though I imagine SiriKit will be more open so there could be more use cases.

Sounds interesting and cool to play around with. Feel free to use ExpoKit so you can use Expo for building everything else but then write your own native stuff around SiriKit.