Support for releasing Android app on Chrome OS Chromebooks


Many Chromebooks support running Android apps. However, when attempting to test my app in a Chromebook that supports Android apps, I was not able to find my already released app in the Google Play Store.

I have unsuccessfully tried to find documentation on how to configure an Expo app to show up Google Play store in Chromebooks. I am utilizing EAS build after I just moved from expo managed.

Any help or links to relevant docs would be appreciated.

I suspect the main thing would be to update the app’s manifest using a config plugin.

Thanks for your response. That manifest change points to supporting Chromebooks that are not touchscreen, and says that touchscreen Chromebooks should be supported without needing that update to the manifest.

However, I am testing in a touchscreen Chromebook and it is not showing up in Google Play either. I actually only want to support touchscreen so I would not want to make that change to the manifest.

I found that the CAMERA permission ahas an implied feature requirement of according to App manifest compatibility for Chromebooks  |  Android Developers. This is what was preventing my app in Chromebooks, as the front camera of these devices is apparently not considered to fulfill this requirement. To solve this I added the following to the manifest to indicate that the front camera may be used as well:
<uses-feature android:name="" android:required="true" />

For anyone else running into a similar problem, the way to identify which requirements are making your app to be unsupported is going to the Google Developer Console / Device Catalog and searching for Chromebook. Then you can open one of those unsupported devices to find the reason.

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