Sudden change of certificate for same project

Hi there, I was trying to build my app just now, and thought everything was ready for production. However, when uploading the APK to Google Play Store, I was warned that I’ve uploaded an APK that is signed with a different certificate to my previous APKs.

What puzzled me is I had uploaded an APK of the same project just last week. I have done my research online and only found this issue to be relevant, but this issue happened quite some time ago (3rd of Apr) and it had been marked as closed. So I think I wasn’t one of the victim of the bug fix issue.

If my memory served me right, I have added the field “slug” and “privacy” to app.json file, and modified the field “version” and “android.versionCode” after the last build.

Does this kind of modification to app.json file will affect the certificate? If no, what’s going on here?

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