Subscribe to an EAS branch in Expo Go?

We are migrating from “expo publish” to “eas update” for all of our processes. Internally we used “expo publish” to push out test updates to our QA team, and they would use Expo Go to test things. This worked great because we would do an “expo publish --release-channel qa”, and they had their Expo Go client subscribed to the “qa” release channel. They would just get updates magically.

With “eas update” I am pushing our updates to a branch. But I don’t see a way in Expo Go to subscribe to a branch. I can send them a link to each individual update, but that’s a pain. Is there a way in Expo Go to subscribe to a branch, or do something similar so our QA team can get these updates automatically?

We are on the managed workflow, and thus we don’t have need for using expo-dev-client. I’d prefer to not add that into our process for managing multiple builds on multiple devices. That adds a lot of complexity. It’s handy to be able to just use Expo Go (and really that’s all we need since we’re on the managed workflow).

Found the answer here:

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