Create New EAS Branch on New PR with Github Actions

I’m trying to setup CI for my Expo app using EAS.

What I would like to do is every time a PR is created with a new feature I’d like that PR and git branch to be pushed to Expo EAS via eas update so each PR has its own QA environment.

Then after the PR is merged I’d also like to delete that branch from EAS so it doesn’t clog up the list.

I’ve gotten it pretty close using expo/expo-github-action@v7 and expo/expo-github-action/preview-comment@v7

I can push to EAS but its kinda wonky how it creates branches right now. Also the comment with QR code never works. It seems to share a link to a “default” channel that doesn’t exist. And when scanning the code expo go says "no project found at `exp://

Any idea how I can configure this properly?