Stuck at downloading Javascript bundle 100 %

Hi, I’m experiencing similar issues on Win10; is watchman utilized on Windows, or something else?

Hey, same thing happening to me:
MacOS + iOS
Node 10
expo 39.0.3

It triggers auto reload, but get stuck on “Downloading JavaScript bundle 100%” and I have to trigger reload manually in order to see changes

I get that a lot now that I upgraded to SDK 39. What I do to avoid it is ‘expo start -c’ then I reload the expo client. Annoying tho.

Apparently, the message gets stuck after a warning (yellow box) pops up, even if it’s disabled and appears in console only. Now, did SDK40 fix it?

Guys, are you using WSL?

could y’all post an issue and fill out the issue template? i’d love to understand how to reproduce this

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