Stuck at downloading Javascript bundle 100 %

Hi @ikaros.

When you start expo-cli using expo start on your bash, it should start loging everything on terminal.

If your first screi on app has some issue, the app normally get frozen on 100% of downloading bundle, bur it’s just one of cases.

If you post more info about your code like, package.jsom or libs version. Post a peace of your code in it will help to.

There are no errors on my terminal… these are the only messages I got

Successfully ran adb reverse. Localhost URLs should work on the connected Android device.
Tunnel URL not found (it might not be ready yet), falling back to LAN URL.
Tunnel ready.

i will put my code on the link.

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@ikaros, don’t forget to post in what OS are u working, node js version, etc. The more the better!

My Setup:
Linux Ubuntu 20LTS
Node 10.x
Expo SDK 38

Win 10
node-v v14.7.0
expo version 6.14.8
expo ^38.0.10
“react”: “16.11.0”,
“react-dom”: “16.11.0”,
“react-native”: “”,

authentic juice box - Snack heres the app its loading here but the fonts and icons are wrong… is the asyncload causing the issue?

First of all, You need to use node js 10 or 12. Node js 14 isn`t compatible. Node 12 is but some libs aren’t, node 10 (in my opinion) is the best choice.

for handle node’s version on windows:

Like always, windows isn’t the best OS for programing, git doesn’t work well, but works. consider using a WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) like WSL | Ubuntu.
Edit: WSL 2: Getting started - YouTube

Hope, I’ve helped.

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The newest version of expo doesn’t work with old node versions and I had to update to node js 14.

Hi, @stevemoretz.

There is something wrong.
I use node 10.x, expo works with node 12.x too, but some libs (on my project) don’t work, but node 14.x is not working well yeet.

So are you on latest sdk and everything?And you’re not getting this error?

I don’t think so if it’s a node js problem becuase if you open and close expo menu you see the splash screen goes away and everything starts working

Sounds like a bug not a compatibility issue.

Stuck at 100% also on ios14 + SDK39. Android is fine.

try it on a new blank project. does it work? if yes, go back to your project, remove code until it works. when it works, add back code until it’s broken again.

After the debacle last night updating from SDK 38 to SDK 39, I decided to create a new folder, ran ‘npm install expo’ and even ‘npm install’ and, to be sure I also ran ‘expo update’. Then I moved all my files over to the new folder.

I currently have issues with the Expo client downloading JS files over and over and refreshing the page every 2 seconds. I had to turn the auto-refresh off to stop the constant reloading madness.

Right now the pages are loaded but I have the bottom tab saying: “Downloading JavaScript bundle 100%”

Something’s wrong with the custom font also… weird. The lineHeight is definitely not right…

Oh and now I have to deal with a load of “Warning: Cannot update a component from inside the function body of a different component.”

Another long night ahead… :smiley:

it sounds like your app code is broken. condolences :laughing:

stay strong and get things working one bit at a time and you’ll get there

Or… I reverse everything back to SDK 38 and pretend nothing happened. YES!

that could work, but you delay the inevitable. from the expo side of things the sdk38-39 update is pretty easy (here is a commit that updates in all of our examples at once). if you’re using a bunch of non-expo libraries that are problematic with sdk39 that may be trickier.

this sounds like something on your computer is changing files in the directory. we use metro’s built in file watching, which uses watchman (if it’s available, and we recommend using it on macos), and it’s pretty good at notifying when there is a change to a file within the app directory. nothing changed about this in sdk-39, perhaps something changed on your machine. sometimes this happens if a developer puts their project in dropbox or something like that. maybe you have some antivirus software changing things in the directory constantly. hard to say. if you have watchman installed you can run watchman-wait . -m 0 -p "*" to see what files are changing in your directory

can you send a screenshot of this? can you help me to reproduce it possibly?

Well… The good news is that you identified one problem. I’m not using dropbox but oneDrive. So I turned the sync off and the refreshing went away. Kudos on that one!

Now, the other issue that emerged with the SDK update was this warning that I mentioned in another topic: Warning: Cannot update a component from inside the function body of a different component.

Is there a fix for that one? Thanks, man!

Hi, I’m experiencing similar issues on Win10; is watchman utilized on Windows, or something else?

Hey, same thing happening to me:
MacOS + iOS
Node 10
expo 39.0.3

It triggers auto reload, but get stuck on “Downloading JavaScript bundle 100%” and I have to trigger reload manually in order to see changes

I get that a lot now that I upgraded to SDK 39. What I do to avoid it is ‘expo start -c’ then I reload the expo client. Annoying tho.