Stuck at build started

Hi all,
I’m trying to publish my app, the first attempt has gone well, but now that I need to make another version, expo is stuck at “iOS: Build started…” since more than one hour.

I’ve read that there is no way to stop it and relaunch, is it correct? What can we do in this situations?

My build ID is: 515c473f-2090-4b9a-96ad-6d11e0113354

I have the same problem

Build ID: 97beabff-dfc8-4116-a163-331e61df1c0a

Hi @discontinuity, two of your builds errored out. I deleted them, I think you can try rebuilding.

@edgar Did you look into my build problem

Looks like yours started Thu Nov 16 2017 14:05:38 GMT+00:00 , (with experience name ending in ‘usc’)