iOS build stucks with no possibility to interrupt

Hello everyone,
We have situation when iOS build is in progress for along time and didn’t finish during the day. Why it could happend? and is there any way to send command to stop building process? Because while it’s in progress we cannot start the new building again.
Thanks in advance for you help!

Hi, the exp build output should give you a build id, can you paste that here?

Hi @ben, thank you for your quick reply. Build ID is d8e7caa4-e3b4-487d-8b72-dee648dddbfd.

Hi! It looks like we got a “Service Unavailable” error from Apple in the course of building your app. These are usually temporary hiccups on their end. Can you try again?

yes, not it works @dikaiosune, thank you for the explanation. Please feel free to close this topic.