status bar splash colour iOS


I’m seeing the status bar and the notch footer area (on iPhone X) as being the wrong colour only for the ios Standalone app and wondering if you could help?

I set the splash and background colour as follows in app.json under expo key:

"splash": {
      "image": "./assets/appJson/splash.png",
      "backgroundColor": "#273d52"

Yet the status bar and footer area seem to have some mask/opacity applied.
Am i missing something? An app.json status bar setting perhaps?
It’s working within expo, but not in iOS standalone.

Even more strangely it’s only for about 2 seconds, then corrects itself all whilst still showing the splash.

Expo 27.

I’m using react navigation 1.5, but this is all before the JS kicks in right?
I also use the <AppLoading> component for my fonts. Perhaps that’s why it fixes itself after 2 seconds?

See screenshot:

Many thanks

Hi @axelnormand - thanks for posting. Unfortunately we don’t yet have a way to control the status bar for the splash screen – there is a feature request for it here that you can upvote. Sorry I don’t have a better answer!

Ok thanks for the reply. Have upvoted :slight_smile:

So what colour blue/dark background should i choose so it appears uniform?


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