Single background colour splash screen

As mentioned in this thread i previously posted (status bar splash colour iOS), you cant yet set the status bar colour in iOS in expo for the splash screen.

So i’m looking to just show an image with a single background colour, is this possible with expo?
Or will iOS always add the semi-transparent bar at the top and bottom to the splash?

It looks strange to the user because i then show <AppLoading> which has the same splash but you CAN set the status bar colour via app.json, so there is a weird flash

Many thanks

We use the splash settings in app.json, and I haven’t seen this issue on iOS in general or iPhone X specifically. I looked at our settings and we have resizeMode set to “cover” and have a backgroundColor set to the same as the background color of our splash screen. On your other question, I see you have the latter but not the former. Here’s what our config looks like:

"splash": {
      "image": "some-image.png",
      "resizeMode": "cover",
      "backgroundColor": "#FFA200"

Our image is 1242x2436.

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Many thanks for the reply. Alas that didn’t work either.

Strangely it doesn’t affect it in dev mode, only the standalone iOS production build.


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