Customize splash screen and status bar (before the app has loaded, while the splash screen is presented.)

Expo SDK Version: 48
Platforms: Android/iOS

I’m working on an appllication that have to run on iOS and Android.
Regarding iOS everything is working as expected. On Android seems that there are some issues but I don’t know if they are issues or expected behaviour.

I avoid to present results inside ExpoGo because I’m not sure that it is really using all my configurations. I directly make builds and install on devices.

I care only of what happens before the app has loaded, while the splash screen is presented.

I try to make a reprodicible example in here GitHub - GoldMyr1994/mauroconte-app-start-issue
I provide videos in here mauroconte-app-start-issue - Google Drive

iOS seems ok video - see google drive folder

npx expo prebuild --clean
npx expo run:android --device --variant release

Android seems not ok video - see google drive folder

In Android light theme the things are pretty ok. The problem is with dark theme, in the splash screen the status bar take the wrong color (the one defined for light theme) for a while.

Actually I tried some things but nothing satisfied me right now (or maybe I did not implement correclty):

  • there is an option androidStatusBar.hidden and I though to just hide it during splash and show later but my status bar is always there even if I set this to true

  • i tried to play with the androidStatusBar.translucent property but the only result I got is an ugly grey status bar that I’m not more able to control.

If you have any article about this pleas send me.
Any help is really welcome.

If more details are needed let me know I will provide as soon as possible.

Thx in advance.
Mauro Conte.

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