Standalone push notification problem

Hi there,
I’m facing a situation where I can’t receive push notifications in my standalone app.
It throws an error
“data”: {
“status”: “error”,
“message”: “SNS failed to send the notification (reason: EndpointDisabled, status code: 400).”,
“details”: {
“error”: “DeviceNotRegistered”,
“sns”: {
“statusCode”: 400,
“reason”: “EndpointDisabled”,
“__message”: “Endpoint is disabled”

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Hey @go-native,

It looks like the device you’re trying to send to is not able to receive notifications any more. You can see the potential errors in the docs here:



Yes, I have seen this documentation, the problem is that there is no any information why this error is happening.

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how to solve it ? or how expo push notification can work again on that device?


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