Failing to push notification

“data”: {
“status”: “error”,
“message”: “SNS failed to send the notification (reason: EndpointDisabled, status code: 400).”,
“details”: {
“error”: “DeviceNotRegistered”,
“sns”: {
“statusCode”: 400,
“reason”: “EndpointDisabled”,
"__message": “Endpoint is disabled”

Expo version 20.0.0
React-native version
React version 16.0.0-alpha.12

DeviceNotRegistered means that Expo push token is not valid and you should stop sending messages to it. It can be disabled / unregistered for several reasons e.g. users disabling push notifications or uninstalling the app.

See response error types here:

It’s okey now I deleted the node_modules and run npm install again. Then it was solved.

I got the same problem, tried remove node_modules but still not work, i think the problem because of AVD not support push noti