Stand alone iOS build get stuck : App Icon doesnot appear as expected

I have tried creating the iOS build twice (exp build: ios).
It takes a long time to build and often times out as well.

The build thats gets generated has an incorrect app icon.
(I have set it correctly in my app.json. It should fine on expo cvlient and even on stand alone Android builds)

Expected: image

Generated: image

I don’t see this problem with android stand alone app.

I am not sure what is going on.

Please let me know how to fix this. This is time sensitive.

I am trying to generate a build for the third time and right now it seems stuck:
Error: connect ETIMEDOUT


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same here, instead of my icon, this icon showed up:


log of the build didn’t say any error.

ios build log

exp --version : 55.0.5
expo sdkVersion: “29.0.0”

I am also receiving the same icon as @jcha on scattered iOS builds.

hi all, we deployed a fix recently.

Please rebuild your app and check if the icon is correct. If not please provide us with your build id or experience name.

Main thread here: Expo iOS build comes with random icon

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