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Have same problems and yes, something weird happened after I built the app with expo for iOS standalone ipa too…
I rebuild app, change icon name, looking in package content, change app version…but still have problem with ios icon! i wrote to the support team and waiting for an answer…but still no one answer me :frowning:

That’s strange, we got rid of the problem that you linked. Could you provide your build ID?


Here all info, that i was posted in supports email :slight_smile:

OK, we think we know what’s going on…

A rollback for other issue caused this one to emerge. We’re let you know when this should be fixed.

Thank you!
I’ll be waiting for some mews…

Should be good now.


Did you rerun build? Could you pass this build’s id?

Yeah, sure

Hey, any news? :sweat_smile:

I downloaded this build and the icon looks okay. Please upload this .ipa to app connect and check if the icon there is okay.

But it’s not! May be i doing something wrong? in IDE i just make exp build:ios, than download ipa and deliver it to application loader. Nothing changes…

This is really strange, because in App Store it’s looks normal!
Okey, thank you very much, i’ll be waiting while it processing and will see, what happens next)

Application loader uses some cached icon. Don’t believe him

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Yes! Thank you very much for your help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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