[SOLVED] Standalone Android app issue - Exponent notification

Hi everyone.

Freshly built (just today) Android app has very strange behavior when opened and foregrounded.
There is an entry in the notification bar similar to when an Expo app is loaded from the Expo Android client.
It doesn’t have the pin and share buttons, but when the name is clicked you can clear data and see manifest and there is also a reload button.

What is going on?

There’s probably a bug somewhere. Is this a standalone app? What SDK version did you use?

Standalone app, SDK is 28, latest.
I’ve had a bug before that would manifest itself only in production mode and the app would crash at startup. :slight_smile: Crazy stuff when I found out what was causing it.

But I don’t know about this time, everything looks fine.

Hi @danikane - there is actually an app.json setting for this. Could you look in your app.json and see if "androidShowExponentNotificationInShellApp" is set to true? If so, setting it to false (or just removing the key entirely) and rebuilding your APK should make that go away.


Haha, OMG, that’s right. :smile: I remember adding this at some point in time for reason unknown (have to check git log).
Thank you! A classic “didn’t check the docs issue”, sorry about that.

Expo ftw!

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