No ExponentPushToken Android Standalone Builds

Expo Version: “expo”: “^43.0.0”,

Hey I cannot figure out what is going on. On the latest master pointing at prod db, if I run our android app inside of expo go, and check if the user i signed up with has a ExponentPushToken it shows the token as populated in our database. I also then send a curl command from my terminal that triggers a notification.

Our code is very similar to the New Notifications example here: Push Notifications Setup - Expo Documentation

The problem comes as soon as I build our android app standalone via: expo build:android. I then upload it to the internal testing release inside the google play store console. I then send myself a Internal app sharing link to verify I am downloading the latest version. From there I signup my user and then check the backend and I see the token never gets set. This only happens on standalone Android. It works on standalone ios via testflight, expo go, and it works as in sets the token for Android when ran from expo go.

Can someone please help me out with this, I think there may be a expo bug and or I am missing something.

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