Android Opening App From Notifications Broken

Hi all,

In our standalone app build, when you send a push notification to a user, and they open the app by tapping on the notification, the app performs really poorly. We have tried sending notifications to the app via our own SNS-based system (I understand this is very similar to the Expo system), as well as using Expo’s push notifications service to see if it makes any difference.

The app’s performance problems occur when the app is opened from a push notification without the app being opened recently, i.e. if the app has been closed from the app switcher. The app is incredibly choppy, for example making scrolling in the app very difficult. With the app open, you cannot open the app switcher, it forces you back into the app whenever you try. Finally, if you close the app by tapping the home/centre/circle button on the Android device, the app will randomly reopen.

This is quite an urgent issue for us, so any help you can provide on this would be much appreciated!

Hi @josh-es – thanks for the report. We’re investigating this right now and should have more information shortly.

Hi! I have the exact same issue but i’ve managed to find more info about this.

When the app is opened (not foregrounded but opened from scratch) from the notification it start a loop of AppState change passing from active to background and from background to active constantly, this makes the app behaves poorly.

One way to confirm this is to add an eventListener to appState change and print (in screen or through alert) each time the state changes, then open the app through notification and see, in my case i put an alert and after 30 seconds the app crashes.

In our case this only happen with standalone apps and for now we can only replicate the issue on Android

Hi @josh-es and @ispcloudservices - thanks for the information! We have a fix and will deploy it soon; I’ll update this thread when it’s deployed.

Fix has been deployed-- please rebuild your apps with expo build:android. Apologies again for the inconvenience!!

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Many thanks guys in the Expo team, we really appreciate it!

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