[SOLVED] graphical interface not opening in browser with 2.3.7

I upgraded to version 2.3.7 this evening and now after running exp start the graphical interface no longer opens automatically in my default browser. It worked fine previously with 2.3.6. I can scan the QR and run the app on my phone, changes are automatically refreshed, etc. Please advise.

Can you check that the command you’re running is expo start (and not exp start)?

@fson Ugh, that was it: expo not exp. Thank you!

What’s the difference between the two commands?

exp was our old CLI which has been replaced by our new devtool expo-cli which uses expo for commands.

@adamjnav Thanks for the clarification. I just started using Expo this week so please excuse me. :roll_eyes:

BTW, I’m loving Expo. Thanks to you and the rest of the team for making it possible.


No worries @jhanley. Glad to have you around. Best of luck building! As a friendly reminder, the docs will be your best friend and companion as you dive into the Expo world. You can find them here: API Reference - Expo Documentation

Also, if you want to dive into the source code of the Expo SDK, we have the expo/expo repo which is the source of truth here: GitHub - expo/expo: An open-source platform for making universal native apps with React. Expo runs on Android, iOS, and the web.



@adamjnav Indeed, I have pinned a tab for the docs. I’ve also been combing my way through various written and video tutorials. It’s slowly starting to make sense.

I’m a long-time web app developer, but new to mobile app development. Before diving head-first into coding, I’m first taking the time to learn the fundamentals and getting my environment setup to my liking. For instance, I have been researching how to structure my React Native projects using Expo. I love the bare bones project Expo creates (without the bloat), but I need to determine how to structure my source files. It seems creating a directory off the root called src or app with sub-directories for various components is a common approach. I also installed babel for cleaner loading includes and assets. Any advice (or references) is much appreciated.

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