exp start not working

Hi, I have set up a new project for react native. and also installed the CLI for expo.
but when I run the command exp start , I get
bash: /usr/bin/exp: No such file or directory.
Could someone help me?
Thanks in advance!

Hey @aditi-thistle,

The new devtool uses expo as its command. So you’ll want to run expo start while your current directory is an expo project.



Has the command line exp start being deprecated?
I can’t start expo from the command line?
expo start works but I was looking to run the expo from command line instead of the expo xde.

Yes, exp is being deprecated in favor of the expo-CLI. I’m confused though, you say it doesn’t work in the second line but then you say it does work in the third?

I would make sure you the expo-CLI installed via yarn global add expo-cli or npm install -g expo-cli and ensure your path and permissions are correct.

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