Expo cli shuts down as soon as I open it.

I have installed the Expo cli command interface but cannot open it, it makes a quick appearance then shuts itself down. Has anyone else have had this problem and how did you resolve it? Any idea why this is happening please?

Hey @turanp & @trantowburgh,

Can you both please share more details as I could not reproduce it on my end. Can any of you please run npx expo-env-info in the terminal window and share the output here?

Also, the Global expo-cli has now been replaced with local Expo CLI starting from Expo SDK 46: Expo CLI - Expo Documentation. You can also try npx expo as stated in the documentation.

For more information, you can also see our announcement post: The New Expo CLI. In Expo SDK 46 we introduced a new… | by Evan Bacon | Aug, 2022 | Exposition