Some UI/UX improvements please

• When viewing snack, can we view snacks by date, size, or advanced searches like for keywords.

• Is it also possible to have a button to deploy to github.

• Can we also have a github like feature, where can contribute on a snack and see changes, commits & issues. Because if there is a link, and somebody makes changes, we want to see versions of the commit, something like repository of the github layout.

• Also is it possible to make expo snack mobile friendly, as I type it forces a zoom in mobile.

• Can we have a workspace layout, rather than just stacking all the snacks together. where we have sections like folder, with snacks links on it. so it’s more organized.

  • I think I can make one in react.js, where can have different folders as divs, and put our snacks in there

I mainly build my apps on snack.
Thanks to the community, who built and are maintaining snack

Best Regards

Hey @basaampro,

Thanks for the feedback. We like to keep track of our community’s desires and feature requests on our Canny. Would you mind creating a FR for this there?

Also, @thetc.



Hey @basaampro,
Thanks for the suggestions. I’d love to speak with you about how you’re using snack. Are you on the community slack? If you’d be willing find me @tc and we can find a time to chat.

Thanks a lot!

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