Snack Did Not Save

I recently wrote 300+ lines of code in Snack and was able to test on both the web and a local device. However, when logging in today, I was met with a significantly older version of my code. Is there a way I can get my progress back? I still have access to the compiled snack link that loads the proper version on my local device (in the form of exp://…).

I have had the same issue. Days worth of coding has been reverted. How can I fix this??

Also I cannot access any of the prevous save versions of the snack.

Hi. See this thread. Someone on the Expo team will probably have to have a look.

Hello, Expo snack unable to save pages. When we update or import any code it will not save at all. When click on save it says snack saved successful when refresh that link last updated code get vanished, so we unable to build latest apk or ipa here…or run on snack updated code.
This is my link :

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