Expo web is awesome!!


I’ve been posting a lot of issues recently, so just wanted to give a shoutout to the Expo web team and @bacon. Our app is officially running on 3 platforms with one codebase – absolute madness but also pretty rad. As a good friend likes to say this shit is McDonalds… I’m lovin’ it!!


Looks awesome!! We’re really happy you’re loving it :smile:


Wow thanks so much for sharing! I definitely have consumed a lot of McDonalds while working on it :smiley: :blue_heart: :fire:
You have a link to the app or website anywhere?


@bacon Haha, the technology is literally McDonalds!

We are still in beta, but I’ll post back here once we have something public-facing to share.

I thought Expo Web isn’t yet meant for production.

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