Slow routing with react navigation

  1. created new app with exp i test-performance-app
  2. Launched perf monitor
  3. Navigating using tabs on my iphone 5s (FPS dropping to 15)

Becomes even worst when I add a stack navigator in this scenario. Painfully slow.

Created my app happily with expo, everything goes down when performance is below expectations :frowning:
In my live app I have tried most of the performance recommendations like Pure component, decrease wasted renders. Still doesn’t feel like 60 fps.

Are you doing a lot of work in render for a view?

Can you share some code?

thanks for reverting.
I have changed FlatList to ListVIew and performance improved drastically. Flastlist doesn’t seem to be production ready.
Although navigator appears smooth, but there is fps drop. Even in newly created tabs app with

exp i new-tab-app

@atinder90 From your description, this is likely a react navigation issue. You may have more luck opening an issue with them

@atinder90 Out of curiosity (and also because I need it), which method do you use to test performance/hardware usage on iOS Simulator? Also, any experience with the Android Emulator?

Thanks in advance.