Poor MapView performance (even when empty)

SDK Version: 44, iOS (Google Maps, no markers, polygons, nothing, just empty map view)

I am curious as to why is it that the performance on iPhones is so bad (when it comes to Google Maps), compared to what it used to be, back in SDK 39 + RN Maps 0.28 ?

I thought it might be because of my app, but, I literally started a blank project with expo-create maptest, installed react-native-maps, imported an empty MapView, and ran it on a few devices:

  1. iPad Pro 11" (120hz) - smooth as butter

  2. Xiaomi Mi 11 (90Hz) - smooth as butter

  3. iPhone 13 Pro (120hz) - dropping probably a third of the frames.

  4. iPhone 12 Mini (60hz) - same result

  5. iPhone 5 SE (60hz) - same result

  6. Redmi (50 EUR phone, trash performance in general, for development), still does 60fps smooth.

So, how is it that such a powerful chip and an optimised OS is performing worse than a 50 EUR Redmi device.


  1. Using Apple Maps provider (in react native) works perfectly, 60/120hz all the way
  2. Google Maps (native app) works smooth

So there’s nothing wrong with the performance in the actual iPhones whatsoever.
What’s confusing is that the iPad Pro also works smoothly, even though it’s basically the same chip, just a “different” OS (iPadOS).

You can test it simply, by creating a blank project.
Please advise

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