Should use same distribution certificate when upload 2nd app to ios app store?

I am using expo build:ios to make a build. This is for my 2nd app though. So things should probably be different right? Like I shouldn’t to reuse the stuff from the 1st app?

When I get to the step of chosing if should use same distrubtion certificate, I should choose no is this correct?

:heavy_check_mark: Fetched Apple distribution certificates
? Distribution Certificate (Cert ID: REMOVED, Serial number: REMOVED, Team ID: REMOVED)
:white_check_mark: Currently valid on Apple’s servers.
Would you like to use this certificate? › (Y/n)

Another note: My first app also has push notifications. I shouldn’t re-use that push notification credentials for this one correct? (my 2nd app doesn’t even have push notifications)

yes you should reuse distribution certificate and push key, you can only have 3 dist certs and 2 push keys on one apple account, so reusing is necessary.

(my 2nd app doesn’t even have push notifications)

all expo apps are configured for push notifications, if you do not use it whether you have push key specified does not matter either way.
Note that push key is server side credentials, so you can add it latter and it will work with existing apps, but remember that if you delete push key from expo server your push notification will stop working

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Ah thank you very much, I didn’t know this! Stuggled with it for weeks. Maybe this is a good idea for docs, or maybe I missed it. Sorry about that. And thanks!

Oh the other situaton is, the app I have out there was a plain react native app, I want to convert it to expo. Its ok to use a different cert than was originally used?

I just tried it, seemed to go through without any issues. Thank you!

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