Share link not working for external team

For some reason my shared links stopped working with the rest of my team. I’m attempting to share my app with the client and when I send the email the expo link sent is a localhost address.

How do we get these to work again as I had this working before. Currently I am set to host: tunnel protocol: exp


Hey @dekm

I would love to help you out, as always some more information would be really useful. The reason why more information would be useful is because

  • a lot of people use different operating systems
  • sometimes people are behind a VPN
  • sometimes we have users who have used Expo for a while and we need to remove certain files from their machine.
  • anything is possible!

Please let me know

  • Which version of exp are you using
  • Version of Node, and NPM
  • What operating system are you on?

And we’ll start from there! Look forward to helping you out.

Hi @jimmylee

Looks like this was an issue with version 19 of expo. I updated everything to version 21 and now i see a proper link instead of just the localhost and port.


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try either using a tunnel URL (in XDE, click the gear next to the URL then choose Host > Tunnel). this will use an internet tunnel which will let the URL work for other people. if you have this already chosen but you are getting a localhost URL, maybe try restarting your computer.

you can also publish your project by clicking project. this will upload a snapshot of your code to the cloud so anyone anywhere can access it quickly. this is what i would recommend for sharing with people so they can try it. in XDE, just click publish. or run exp publish. this will give you a permanent URL you can share.

@ccheever does this make the link public and posted somewhere? My client needs everything to be private because of confidentiality and NDA’s.


Hi @dekm -

Sorry for the slow reply. You can have your project be “unlisted” or “public”.

If it’s unlisted, it’s like an unlisted YouTube video – only people who have the link (that you would have to share with them) – would be able to see it.

You could put your own login screen or something on your app to add more security if that’s important to your client. We might provide something like that in the future, but its not an immediate priority.


Hi @ccheever

Ok thanks using unlisted will work for me at this point.

I have my project as unlisted but request link wont send a link neither through email or text after project is published. Is there something i am missing?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Pushed out a fix!

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