Share Published - Release Channel

Hi guys,

don’t know what I am doing wrong but when I publish on a release channel, I copy the link that it gives on my terminal (it generates a good link) and paste it inside expo App but it doesn’t seem to care about the release channel parameter (?release-channel=staging).

How can I share a link, specifying a release channel and send it to my friends?


Ok. seems to work correctly when scanning the QR code from an Android device on the website page but it doesn’t seem to work when copy/paste the link directly inside expo app on iOS using the “+” feature.

hi @newfylox, this sounds like it might be a bug (the part about it not working with ‘+’). If you can reproduce it, or can put it into a snack (, it would be really helpful if you posted it here: Issues · expo/expo · GitHub

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvience.

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