Settings have disappeared from the iOS Expo Client


On iOS, after updating the Expo Client to the latest version, I can navigate to Settings / Expo, but most of the existing settings have disappeared.


Specifically, I’m trying to search for the settings related to Push Notifications (I know my screenshot is from a simulator, but we are also trying to do this on a real device). Previously, those settings lived on this screen. Have they been moved elsewhere?

Hey @timezoneone- this had me pretty stumped at first, as my Expo Settings had the notifications option there, but when i uninstalled and reinstalled, it didn’t!

Turns out that you have to give the Expo Client app access to Notifications first, via opening an app inside of the Expo Client that requests for Notifications permissions. Basically, once I ran this snack in my app, the notification options were shown in Settings > Expo

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Ahh, yes! Thanks for your help @charliecruzan

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