Expo Go iOS app has no notification options in Settings?

I have very little experience with making phone apps, so I’m sorry if this is a terribly basic question. I got some basic code running on my iPhone with Snack, but I wasn’t able to get a “local” notification working (i.e. no 3rd parties or pushing, just something generated by the app itself), although I’m not seeing any errors/warnings from my code.

I thought that maybe I needed to enable notifications in Settings (i.e. phone-wide settings), but when I go to the settings for Expo Go, there’s nothing at all about notifications for me to fiddle with. Whether my code is correct or not, that seems like it would be a blocker. Am I missing something? Does Expo Go support notifications at all?

Thank you!

Following up on my own issue here. This section only appeared in Settings on my iPhone once I made a call to the requestPermissionsAsync function that is mentioned in the notifications docs. My phone asked me if I want to allow notifications from Expo Go, and after that, the permissions could be customized.