sendSMSAsync works locally and on Expo Go app but not on TestFlight build

  • Managed Workflow
  • eas-cli version: 0.29.1

I’m having an issue using expo-sms on an iOS build. When accessing the build through the Expo Go app, it runs fine and works as expected. However, when running on Testflight I get no errors and can’t use SMS.sendSMSAsync. I’m wondering if this isn’t supported in Testflight or if someone has some direction on additional logging to diagnose? The build is done through expo build:ios and not eas build.

Hey @mcmillster, I would recommend reading our docs on production debugging. Also, is there a reason you are opting to build with the classic build service rather than EAS? If you’re not yet aware, EAS has a free plan and I would highly recommend switching over if possible.


Adam, thank you for the reply. I did give that a shot by using the console app on a Mac, but it doesn’t appear to log any errors when I try to fire “SMS.sendSMSAsync”.

In regards to not building with EAS, I’m still working through some errors with building on EAS, perhaps that will resolve this issue also. But that’s a work in progress. I can prioritize that if those could be related.


Just a quick update. I was able to build and submit through EAS but still not able to run any Expo SMS functionality on TestFlight.