EAS Build app not starting on iOS despite working on Expo Go

I’ve been using the managed workflow + Expo Go to develop my React Native app for the past couple of weeks. Recently, I thought I need a native module and decided to give EAS Build a try.

My app still works perfectly fine on Expo Go.

However, after following all the steps perfectly in the Expo Docs, building the app for iOS on EAS Build and installing the built app on my iPhone, I get a generic “There was a problem loading the project” message:

I’m unable to diagnose what the issue is, and would appreciate if anyone would point me in the right direction. Thanks.

hi there! do you see this immediately upon launching the app on your phone? or only when launching your project in the development app?

Hi! I see this on clicking / scanning the QR code for my project. The launcher of the development app is showing up fine.

Adding a screenshot and recording below:

Screen recording: RPReplay_Final1663441966 · CleanShot Cloud

are you able to access from your phone?

Looks like it’s working now after a reboot of my system. No clue how :slightly_smiling_face: