security about build developer app

hey, should i know the platform about build developer app part?
when i entered command “expo build:android” or “expo build:ios”, is my source code pushed to expo server side and build the app on expo side?

i tried to build android and ios developer app in free plan. its returned a s3 link to me for download the app…the app will publish to aws in free plan? and publish to s3 in upgrade plan too?

you can use those on the free plan just fine, yeah. i’d recommend reading Overview - Expo Documentation

your app source code is not pushed to expo servers when you run expo build:[ios|android], just the transpiled js bundle and assets. EAS Build - the next generation build service that’s currently in preview -will require that you push the source code though.

but i can see im queuing in dashboard

is it depolying somthing to expo server space?

your app js is bundled and minified and published alongside your assets. that is downloaded to build servers that then build an apk or ipa from it.

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